Cesano Boscone, ITALIA

"The world is like a book and those who don't travel know only one page."

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Born in Milan, lived between the streets of Brera and Paris, I attended the Academy of Fine Arts and numerous studios of French artists and philosophers. Lover of the artistic and historical backgrounds that have, in the deepest silence, modeled our "ways of being" to lead us to be what we are, I always dedicate myself to discovering something that goes beyond appearances.

Hello, my name is Gianpaolo and I am a lover of history, art and the past ... or rather: of everything that we relive or reinterpret the meanings and places of the past. Entering my world means diving into an aquarium of colors, shapes and emotions that seem to change before our eyes.

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Comunucation 96
Availability 100
Attention To Detail 96
Knowledge 96
Punctuality 100
Friendliness 100

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