milano, ITALIA

“Be not inhospitable to strangers, lest they be angels in disguise” William Shakespeare

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Some words about me

My house is a two-room apartment that I share with my wife, a curious traveler. I have a home cooking activity at home and I participated in the Masterchef Italia edition in 2017. I am a cinema lover but I also studied it: I am a youtuber and I have just made my first short film.

I am a Yemeni guy in Milan. Not to be a fish out of water, I decided to swim in the fog and through chasing smells and flavors of my land was able to influence my neighbors, friends and acquaintances to enter in my world. After almost ten years in the city, I can say that I have conquered it with my cuisine. I am now Master & commander, the only Yemeni cook in all of Italy. Milan is my home and everyone is welcome.

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Comunucation 96
Availability 100
Attention To Detail 92
Knowledge 98
Punctuality 100
Friendliness 98

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